What means web hosting service and how websites works?

Web hosting service is allocating the space on the server for your website. First of all, if you want to publish your website, you need a domain name first. Similarly, you need the space for your website in web server.

Web hosting allocates space on the server for storing your website pages and all other data. Furthermore, there are a lot of hosting plans and it depends upon your need on your website.

That is shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress web hosting etc.

Shared web hosting:

Shared hosting means that you are going to share your website space with some more sites on a single web server. Rather, there will be more websites data in the web server.

The storage space, bandwidth, and Random Access Memory are common for all web pages in the server.

In contrast, these type of hosting is the cheapest and less expensive. Therefore, it will be useful for a small website and company business websites.

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated web hosting means that your website will be in the separate web server. Hence, there will be one and only website data in the whole server. Dedicated storage space, bandwidth, and Random Access Memory will be allocated for your web pages.

For the reason that the hosting plans for this server will be expensive. It will be useful for the big website having more web pages and online magazine websites.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is nothing but the server made for the WordPress websites. WordPress is a platform which creates the website in an easy way and also user-friendly.

Certainly, the WordPress websites commonly use for the magazine websites which needs the daily updates.

There will be a content management system in the panel and it helps to add web pages easily for blogs and news websites.