Marvel Venom Movie 2018 Cast Wallpaper Trailer Images

Venom is the upcoming Marvel superhero movie. First of all, it is the franchise of Marvel comics and the character is derived from Spiderman series. And it shows the negative shades of the Spider Super Hero.

Therefore, Columbia pictures producing this flick in association with Marvel and releasing by Sony. Here are some pictures of Venom below.

Marvel Venom Movie Wallpaper Images:

Above actress is Michelle Williams and she is pairing up with Tom Hardy in the film. In addition, she is playing the role of Anne Weying and it represents the district attorney in the story.


Furthermore Tom Hardy is performing the character, Eddie Brock also the Venom. Michelle is appearing as Brock’s girlfriend. And Riz Ahmed is doing the Carlton Drake, the symbiote experimenting leader. Also, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Sope Aluko are in the film. Their parts in the picture are soon to be revealed.


Since the trailer released 1 month back and it got 61M views as of now. Hence the fans and audience received the trailer in a grand manner. Also, this picture is the most expecting film in this year.

Teaser Trailer:

Probably 3 months before the teaser was put on the market. Much as got 18 Million views and it is the reason for the grand success of the trailer.

Release date:

Almost the flick is in the final stage of shooting and it is ready to release on October 5th, 2018. Furthermore, director Ruben Fleischer directed this feature. He is also the director of Zombieland and 30 Minutes Or Less. Ludwig Göransson is the music composer of this talkie. Early he was worked in the Marvel’s superhit blockbuster film Black Panther. We know that the background music and the tracks of the Wakanda flick were well appreciated by all over the audiences.