Peoples opinions about current insurance market on Jan 14th 2018

Let’s see the current insurance market details and opinions of peoples from the social media tweets. The variations of the insurance market and peoples opinions about current insurance and current market details are unimaginable.

Peoples opinions about current insurance market on Jan 14th 2018
Peoples opinions about current insurance market on Jan 14th 2018

Tweets about current insurance market :

Aysegul Bugra tweeted “Always such a delight to read Malcolm Clarke’s works. He pinpoints controversies in the most eloquent way, see para 25-1 of Law of #Insurance Contracts on ‘common sense’. Absolute fan of his references to psychology too.”

SegunDatInsuranceGuy tweeted “This is where health #insurance comes into the picture. Buying up insurance to assist in providing answer to the financial commitments involved in the treatment of #cancer is important and very necessary. People should be made to be aware of this.”

He also tweeted “Maybe instead of going numb which I quite understand, we can all try and do some write-ups informing the populace on the dangers and treatments of cancer of which health #insurance can help provide financial solutions.”

InsuranceBlitz tweeted “Would it be kind enough to provide your workers with a #Personal #Accident #insurance cover worth less than N4,000 annually per person. They deserve it considering the nature of their job.”

InvestWise tweeted “guard against any #financial burden that may come knocking at your door any seconds of your life, and #Insurance is the answer”.

John Townsend asked, “What is the most #valuable item in your #property when it comes to #contents #insurance?”.

Lee Yoke Yin asked, “How does compounding help you to grow your money and what are the various instruments that can give you a better return? #compoundinginterest #investments #insurance”.

Duncan Minty tweeted “Data and #AI are transforming #insurance. This is where you learn about the ethical side of all this…”.

Rudi Strobbe tweeted “Digital transformation is not just an immediate task but a continuous improvement process. #AI #ML #InsurTech #insurance. ”

Derek tweeted “I was requesting an #insurance #quote and all the lady on the phone tried to do was get my bank information. Saying that’s the only way to run my driving record. THAT IS BOT TRUE. Try only ask that so it’s easier for them to get you to sign up.”