Start a new website using the cheapest hosting plan

Selecting the cheapest hosting is depends on the need of our website. First of all, we should plan our site intention and the usage. Here are three steps.

  • Deciding the website category
  • Planning the site designing platform
  • Selecting the cheapest hosting

Deciding the website category:

Furthermore, there are a lot of categories in the internet history about the website. An online magazine, Company organization, E-Commerce online shopping, own blog, and, discussing forums are some of them. We should decide the category before starting thinking about the hosting plans.

Planning the site designing platform:

The designing platform is also known as developing the platform and it is used to develop the website. Similarly, the developing the site is depends on the category we have selected. Likewise, for online magazine and own blog websites, it needs a content management system for the regular update.

Rather, platforms like WordPress, Drupal are providing the content management systems. Also, they are user-friendly and we can do it yourself without the knowledge of professional developers.

Consequently, for the company organizations, there are more HTML templates and we can edit the template as for our information. Even more, for the E-commerce online shopping also there is an Opencart content management system to update the products regularly.

Selecting the cheapest hosting:

Certainly, the cheapest hosting also will have the dependency of the category. For example, the online magazine website, the visitor’s flow will gain day-by-day. Probably, it needs the hosting with premium level.

Organization information site will get very low visitor’s traffic because the public people will not visit their website frequently. In my point of view, everyone can select the shared server web hosting for the initial stages.

Therefore, after getting more visitors we can change to Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Web Hosting. Most noteworthy, shared server hosting plan is the only way for the cheapest hosting plan.