Technical steps happen when buying new hosting for a website

After selecting the new domain, we will buy the new hosting to host our website. For that, usually, we select the best hosting and cheapest hosting. First of all, we have to know about the domain name, how domain connects with the hosted server, and how the website is getting published.

Domain for new hosting :

Domain Name is nothing but the text form of your domain IP address. We can’t remember the IP address for each and every website. So, we are using the desired name for the domain IP address. Furthermore, the domain will verify and routes the request to the hosting server.

The domain server will assign the IP address for the domain name and that address will have a link with the new hosting server. When a user browses a website, they will use a domain name. For example, if we want to visit Google, we will enter the URL in the browser.

The Internet Service Provider connected to the system will send a request to the IP assigned to the After the request accepted by the domain, then the request will move to the hosting server of the

Between that, Gateways like Firewall would be there in the client and server network. Even more, when you want to host a website, you need to buy a domain name as well as hosting server and there we need a web server. After we do that all, the website will be published. As per the user request to the domain, they can visit our website.